White Rabbit Money







White Rabbit money is a complementary local private currency.

A local currency is developed by members of a locality and designed to meet their needs. In this case, White Rabbit money is issued by residents of downstate Illinois as a means of supporting small and medium enterprises (community currencies can serve as a means to promote independent shops over large corporations since they keep on circulating locally), and countering inequality and social exclusion.  Other examples of local currencies are BerkShares, Bridgetown Bucks, and C-City Cash (Colorado City, TX).  In the case of White Rabbit money, the purpose is primarily to overcome the effect of state policies that give preference to Chicago interests over downstate interests in the state budget, and thus to raise the standard of living in small towns and downstate Illinois.  As befits a currency issued by a movement that seeks revolutionary change in Illinois, the bills feature pictures of famous American rebels  and iconoclasts from the Revolution, the Confederacy, and so on up to the present.  The bills are redeemable in gold upon maturity at the White Rabbit Bank at the rate of 1250 White Rabbit Dollars to the ounce.  You can get the current value of a White Rabbit Dollar by checking the spot price of an ounce of gold and dividing that price by 1250.  An authentic White Rabbit Dollar is serial numbered in red and has a raised seal embossed on the paper with the outline of a rabbit.  The back of the bill has the denomination of the bill repeated in green ink, and may feature a white strip at the top or bottom of the bill.