What is Armed Resistance?


Armed resistance is a term that we use on the Patriot Freedom Fighters website, and it ought to be well defined.   Armed resistance, as we see it, is armed civil disobedience.  It takes in a lot of territory.  Anything from simply marching or protesting with a weapon in hand to actively resisting government authority could be armed resistance.  Here is what it is not:


·         Terrorism


·         Lynching


·         Mob justice


·         Rioting


What is called for under the present circumstances can change with the circumstances, but violence is always a last resort—IF IT IS AN OPTION AT ALL.  An armed response must be proportional, just, and merciful.  It must be in the best interests of the cause and the movement, and it must be supportable to the public.


Simply protesting with a weapon in hand dramatically changes the dynamics of a protest and the police response to it.  While protestors are routinely manhandled, pepper sprayed, boxed in, and unlawfully controlled by law enforcement, armed protestors are treated completely differently.


Not every member of an organization or a protest need be armed to achieve these benefits.  Just a light sprinkling of armed men in a crowd will change things dramatically. 


As White Rabbits, we have come to the point where certain government actions simply cannot be tolerated.  This doesn’t mean that we think that the people are ready to throw themselves in a civil war, or that we ought to have one.  Our model for change is armed, at least in part, yet fundamentally peaceful.  It didn’t take a massive civil war to effect change in the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s.  Nonetheless, it was necessary for people, and sometimes armed people to stand up to the old Soviet government and demand change.  In the end, it crumbled under the pressure and was replaced with a new Russian government, and the old Soviet Empire was no more.  The formerly secret papers of the KGB blew through the streets of Moscow, and Gorbachev was a leader without a country.


We hope to bring radical change to America in the same way.  We hope to inspire people to take back their rights, their children, and their future by simply refusing to go along with the program.  When DCFS arrives to take children, let ten or thirty, or a hundred people block the street.  If some of them are armed, so much the better.  They can’t arrest them all, and if a few are armed they won’t try.  The burden of the old Illinois government and it’s repressive policies have weighed on the people long enough.  Now let them weigh on government.  Let us demand a future where Illinoisans don’t fear a knock on the door from the forces of injustice, but let our children govern themselves as their grandfathers did.  Let our children enjoy a world where the NSA doesn’t monitor everyone’s phone conversation, where the FBI doesn’t wiretap presidential candidates, and where are trials are more than a show for the public.  Let’s step forward, and let our children inherit freedom.