Governor Rauner Establishes Opioid Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force

A new opportunity to award graft to the politically well connected

Governor Rauner announced in October that a new political blue ribbon task force would be formed, this time ostensibly to combat opioid addiction (or as Rauner put it, heroin and opioid addiction—heroin being an opiate of course).

The task force is modeled after Rhode Island Governor  Gina Raimondo’s Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force, which has managed to spend about $4 million dollars a year since being established in 2015.  These task forces are very predictable in nature.  They are formed with a great deal of publicity, and with stated goals of reducing overdoses or opiate abuse, or whatever.  They hold a series of meetings, make a series of findings (predetermined), spend their budget, and then make an annual report to the governor. 

Governor Raimondo announced at the outset in 2015 that her task force would cut opioid deaths by a third in three years.  It is just a little shy of that, but so far, the statistics are not encouraging for Her Excellency Mrs. Raimondo’s program.  In fact, if it would have been fair to credit Her Excellency’s task force for the reduction she predicted, it is only fair to blame the task force for increasing the death rate for illegal drugs by 46 cases or 15%.  

Year        Male       Female   Totals[1]

2016       245         91           336

2015       208         82           290


Of course, it isn’t the task force’s fault for increasing the deaths, and they aren’t capable of reducing them either.  The way that government can “solve” these problems isn’t by awarding more plum jobs and grants to the politically well connected.  It is only by reducing the misery of ordinary people that the attraction of drugs can be reduced.  Confiscatory taxes, crippling regulation, and a corrupt system that picks winners and consigns everyone else to doing worse than their parents or grandparents is what is driving this epidemic of drug abuse.  But there is no incentive in the politically corrupt system we have in Illinois for measures like those.

Politicians like Rauner and Madigan do not understand that, and do not care to understand that.  Only when the people themselves rise up and destroy this corrupt system will hope come to the people, and with hope will come a reduction in opioid addiction and deaths.

When corrupt bastards like Rauner and Madigan swing from a noose, either literally or metaphorically, and the crony socialist system that put them in power is in flames we will be one step closer to putting joy in the hearts of the people and reducing the incentive to making bad personal choices like drug abuse.