Illinois Confiscates all Dogs, Cats, and Horses



State of Illinois Confiscates all Horses, Dogs, and Cats


While the reality of the kleptocratic and corrupt State of Illinois is slightly less bizarre, it’s close enough to justify the headline above.  In an amendment to the law regarding marital property in divorces, the following words have been inserted:


“issuing an order under this subsection, the court shall take into consideration the well-being of the companion animal.”


At one stroke, the legislature and governor have converted every dog, cat, horse, and donkey in the state from being the personal property of its owner to being, at least potentially, a legal entity with interests and “well being” of its own.  There is nothing in the law that compensates the owners of these animals for this enormous taking, and there is no guidance as to what constitutes “well being” for a non-sentient, or at least not provably sentient, being. 


Is a dog entitled to a guardian ad litem?  Is it in the best interests of race horses to be sold to pay debts?  Will the prospective buyers of said horses have to prove their fitness to purchase them?  Does a cat, which will happily dine upon the face of its deceased owner should the owner happen to die without providing other food, have a preference as to its custody? 


How far does this go?  Clearly, soft headedness has prevailed once more on the prairie, or perhaps more likely in the windy city where such things often take their root.  It’s a great occasion for joke making, except now the public resources of this cash strapped state will be further exhausted trying to determine who is the better “custodial” for animals, when the state has demonstrated no such skill at determining such matters even for children.  It is a victory for the bar association only, which can count upon a new and lucrative field of expense billing thousands for the sake of the “well being” of animals which would not bring $10 on the free market.


If only we could count upon the courts to rule upon the constitutionality of this law with prudence.