Illinois: A Failed Republic


What is a Failed Republic?


The United Nations has defined a failed state as a state that can no longer perform basic functions such as education, security, or governance, usually due to fractious violence or extreme poverty. Within this power vacuum, people fall victim to competing factions and crime, and sometimes the United Nations or neighboring states intervene to prevent a humanitarian disaster.


In US law, states are required to maintain a “republican form of government” by the Guarantee Clause of the United States Constitution.[1]  A “failed republic” is a combination of the two.  It is a state that has failed in delivering the basic functions such as education, security, and governance and has also failed to provide to its citizens a functioning republican government.


In both American and international law, failure such as this is grounds for intervention by the federal government, or for the people themselves to rise in rebellion and restore order, the rule of law, and basic governmental services.


Is Illinois a Failed Republic?


A Failure in Public Safety


Illinois is a failed republic in three respects.   First, the state has failed to provide basic services to the people in the area of security.  In the city of Chicago, the state has tolerated and encouraged a security vacuum that has resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of shootings and earned the city nicknames like Chiraq. 



Rather than treat the situation like the crisis it is, and put down the conflict between criminals intent on taking control of a portion of the city, the state has done nothing.  This is because the people who are suffering are not part of the elite that state government serves.  For example, in 2017 (all 2017 stats are through November only) 502 black men were shot by 64 assailants, while 111 Hispanics were shot by 9 assailants, and 18 whites were shot by 2 assailants (where the race of the victim was known).  586 men were killed, and about 60 women.  During the same period 11 people were killed by police in the city.  By comparison, 2271 American soldiers were killed over 15 years total warfare in Afghanistan.  Only the prompt provision of modern medical care prevents the levels of death from being much higher.  If the present number of people had been shot in past years (when the quality of treatment was not as good as it presently is) the death toll would have been much higher.  This failure is a crisis that would justify measures such as mobilizing the National Guard or requesting federal assistance, but this has not been done.  This is not a service to the black community in Chicago who lives with this level of violence, nor to the working-class policemen who must deal with it with inadequate resources every day, nor to the taxpayer who pays for the medical care of indigent victims and combatants.  Neither the Democrat nor Republican parties have made a productive issue at election time of this violent crisis.


A Failure in Education


The second way that the state has failed is in providing government services in the area of education.  In 1970, the state adopted a new constitution that provided that state government rather than local school districts were responsible for funding public education.  This state funding has never occurred.  What took place instead, was that money was funneled into Springfield where the corrupt politicians took advantage of the opportunity to enhance their own power by doling out the money to friends and their own preferred (mostly wealthy) Chicago districts.  Over time this has both accelerated and intensified until:




As recently as 2000, the vast majority of the GSA was distributed to school districts that demonstrated need. Nearly 90 percent of aid went to districts that lacked the local funds to meet the state’s minimum funding standards. But because of changes to the GSA formulas, billions in special subsidies now flow to Chicago and districts in Cook County and its collar counties . . .


In 2013, a majority of more than $500 million in special state education subsidies related to property wealth went to just 40 districts – all in Cook County and its collar counties. Chicago’s take of the total was more than $280 million. In contrast, downstate districts received just 3 percent of the $500 million. (Klingner, 2017)


Local school boards in Illinois have very little discretion in how to run their schools due to two factors.  The first is the complex and voluminous set of laws, mandates, and restrictions that have flowed from Springfield.  The second is the power of the teacher’s unions. 

Another form of corruption that dominates school spending revolves around the process of building and maintaining school buildings, which is weighted in favor of building new and against properly maintaining old buildings.  This insidious form of corruption ensnares local school boards, holders of school bonds, and contractors, engineers, and architects who work on schools.  Kickbacks are a way of life for school officials and contractors.  Illinois schools are loaded with overpaid administrators, and are forced by law to spend millions to “educate” students who are because of bad behavior, poor personal choices, or unfortunate disabilities, ineducable.  The schools are doing a poor job, as you would expect.  Test scores confirm this.


A Failure in Criminal Justice


The Illinois courts underwent a major change in 1970 much as school funding was supposed to.  Through the new constitution, and a creeping process of change that began in the Progressive Era, the traditional rights of the people were replaced by new processes.  These changes represent a change from a self-governing people who were educated to run their own justice system with input from the lawyers of the bar association, to a system almost entirely run by the specialists of the bar association.  Law expanded in its length and its complexity, such that ordinary people could hardly understand the law or their own rights. 

In the 19th century, anyone who had completed the 8th grade could tell you how the justice system worked, and what the rights and duties were of a grand juror, a trial juror, a justice of the peace, or a coroner.  He could tick off the felonies on his hands, and the misdemeanors as well.  Today the Illinois statutes alone are about length of a good-sized encyclopedia of the 1980’s, and cover about 6 feet of shelf space.




“It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” ― James Madison




It is a rare man who has not attended law school who can comprehend the law, and in fact even among lawyers there is specialization.  Even the lawyers cannot comprehend it all.  This process of eliminating self-government by an educated people and replacing it with the ever more complicated processes of specialists was supposed to be fairer, more accurate, and more “scientific.”  The process has made the law more arbitrary, more unfair, and more confusing to everyday people.  Consider once again the old process.  A man is arrested, by the complaint of a fellow citizen.  He appears before a non-lawyer judge called a justice of the peace.  If the JP agrees that there is enough evidence to try him, he is bound over for trial.  If it is a felony, a non-lawyer jury of 18 or more citizens must agree that probable cause exists that he committed the crime.  Following that, a trial jury of 12 men must agree unanimously that evidence beyond a reasonable doubt exists that the man committed the crime.  Today the justice of the peace is a thing of the past in Illinois.  The wise, common sense approach of the common man is out.  The day of the expensive specialist is in.  The grand jury is mostly a thing of the past, replaced by the preliminary hearing.  Where the grand jury does exist, it is but a shadow of its former self because the citizens on the grand jury do not know their own power.  Because they are not educated to sit on the grand jury, the prosecutor pushes them around and many on the grand jury falsely believe that he is in charge of the investigation.  Many do not know they have the right to call other witnesses or subpoena evidence. 




The Plea Bargain:  Makes a Fair Trial Obsolete


Finally, changes in both the education of the people and the instructions given them by the judges have also made the trial jury a shadow of its former self.  Many on the juries believe that it must be proven to them that a man did not commit a crime rather than that they must only convict on proof beyond a reasonable doubt and may acquit for any reason or no reason at all.  The result of these changes and others has been that the percentage of cases resolved through plea bargain has sky-rocketed.  In the late 19th century, a plea rate of over 25% was considered to be scandalous, and legal journals considered how to reduce it.  While the 6th Amendment guarantees a defendant the right to a public trial, today for 97% of defendants in the federal system and a similar number in the Illinois system that right is a sham, and the case is resolved by plea bargain. 

The legal profession has found a way to make the system pay better.  Rather than go through all the time and labor of a trial, the prosecution, defense, and judge have changed the system so that most people cannot afford to hire an attorney for trial.  In fact, our trials are probably worse than they have ever been and your chance of obtaining justice—whether you are a victim or the accused–is less than it has ever been.  The old system had as its great strength that it included so many people from the community—people who likely knew things–that would help them arrive at more accurate conclusions.  The new system cannot afford a trial for many of the accused.  All the power of the state is lined up against the accused to force them to accept a plea bargain rather than a trial.  Let’s go through an example.


Today a person might first be arrested after for a crime after an investigation of short duration, due to the demands on the time of investigators.  Investigators are not encouraged to eliminate all potential culprits, but rather to bring the best case they can against the first person who can come up to the level of probable cause—that it is more probable than not that they committed the crime.  The threshold in criminal court for conviction is much more than that, but the threshold for arrest is low—only probable cause.  Originally the theory was that an offender might escape the authorities if they had to wait to arrest him until they had more than probable cause—however in many cases there is no further investigation done than that which leads to the arrest.  Once an arrest is made, the adversarial system has invested itself and its credibility in proving the accusation against that first person arrested for the crime.  Prosecutors pour their energy into building a case, proving that the person who was originally arrested with a burden of no more than probable cause was in fact the person who committed the crime.  No resources are expended on searching for alternative offenders, and considering exculpatory evidence is strongly discouraged. 




At this point in the process, the state begins to undermine the resources of the accused.  It’s very likely that the accused will be offered bail, but in many cases the bail is beyond the means of a middle-class person. A recent study indicates that fewer than half of the people in the United States can come up with $400 in cash immediately.  In addition to being asked for bail, the accused is immediately faced with the choice of either retaining an attorney (also likely beyond the immediate resources of a middle-class person) or depending on questionable resources of the public defender (who has a financial interest in a plea bargain). 




The public defender and prosecutor work together in our justice system to extract the maximum amount of money from each prosecution.  They don’t do this by going to trial, they do this by pushing thousands of cases through the much cheaper process of forcing a plea bargain.  A plea bargain is a deal made between accused and the prosecutor that eliminates some risks for the accused in exchange for pleading guilty to the crime, or for pleading guilty to a lesser crime.  In some cases, this involves both sides agreeing to certain facts that will influence sentencing, in others this may include pleading guilty to a lesser offense, and in yet others it may have an influence on a civil suit.  Some of the most inhumane cases have included charging a man and his wife both with a crime and then offering to drop the charge against the wife in exchange for the confession of the husband.  This is clearly an abuse of the husband/wife relationship, the likes of which had not occurred to our founding fathers–who forbade testimony of one spouse against the other–but did not dream of the inhumanity involved in a plea bargain such as this.  Albert Alschuler confirms how common this practice is, commenting “assuming they have probable cause, prosecutors can even threaten to bring charges against a defendant’s family in order to extract a plea. For instance, if a defendant’s spouse or sibling is complicit in drug trafficking—perhaps they took a call related to the case—a prosecutor can offer to reduce or dismiss charges against the family member if the defendant pleads guilty.”  (Goode, 2012)  Do the concerns of our founding fathers about spousal testimonial privilege sound quaint to us in the light of these practices? 




This process is most unfair to the accused, but it also denies justice to the victim.  In the first place, because the system only demands proof be provided at the level of probable cause initially, and no more evidence is ever demanded by a trial, many innocent people plead guilty.  Punishing the wrong person for the crime provides no justice to the victim.  Secondly, because the system relies upon the prosecutor giving something up in exchange for the plea, guilty people do not face the sentences that they should.  They can always get something less than what justice demands by pleading guilty. 




How Many Innocent are Punished?


This nearly universal practice of pleading guilty is reflective of a situation where the plea bargain is actually part of a legal practice that strongly resembles torture.  Defendants are either jailed and kept from earning any money, or impoverished through bail and extortionate legal retainers.  If they are jailed, they see their personal lives go to ruin as thieves steal their property, their personal finances are depleted, personal relationships deteriorate, family relationships are strained, and their jobs are lost.  If they rent, their property is sold or dumped on the corner.  If they own, they risk foreclosure.  The consequences for those free on bail are only a little less severe, as they hock practically everything they own to cover these extortionate costs.  At the same time, they are under the cloud of serving jail time if convicted.  If this happens, posting bail only delays and does not prevent all the ills of the incarcerated from happening to them.  If they are incarcerated, they are daily exposed to the risks of the unsafe jail system.  They can be sexually assaulted, and daily experience deprivations that those who have not been jailed can only imagine.  There is the total loss of all privacy, dignity, and freedom—and this is for people—remember—who have been convicted of no crime at all.




This process have been shown to convict a great number of innocent people.  While the historic and traditional American legal system has been replaced for the great majority, one place where appellate courts have instisted on traditional due process has been in the area of death penalty trials, where opposition to the penalty has resulted in enormous scrutiny of the process.  That scrutiny has expanded, and the facts are not friendly to this recent plea bargain  replacement of our trials.  In 2013 Lucian Dervan and Vanessa Edkins devised an experiment to determine how many factually innocent people fold to the plea bargain.  Their study, involving dozens of college students and taking place over several months, revealed that more than half of the innocent participants were willing to falsely admit guilt in return for a benefit.  (Edkins, 2013)  This study might be dismissed, if it were not backed up by a rising mountain of evidence that has proven that not only do innocent people plead guilty, but that this modern system that relys so heavily on supposed experts finds a great many factually innocent people guilty, and then proceeds to completely ruin their lives.




With the development of DNA evidence in the middle 1980’s, prosecutors and investigators had a powerful new weapon to prove the guilt of the accused.  It took only a couple of more years for critics of the criminal justice system to notice that it had a tremendous potential to permit the evaluation of claims of guilt with hard scientific evidence.  In 1992, Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at the Cardozo School of Law began The Innocent Project, to exonerate the wrongly convicted.  What they found regarding the conviction of the innocent is horrifying.  Over 350 people who were in  prison in the United States were exonerated by DNA evidence.  Many of these people spent decades of their lives in the prison system before authorities learned they had been mistaken.  Many of these cases revealed that “scientific experts” who had given damning testimony regarding hair, fibers, and other such testimony had no idea what they were talking about, and revealed the supposed science involved in such cases as so much hokum.  Does it help to put names with the numbers?  William Barnhouse spent 25 years of his life in prison, accused, tried, and convicted of raping a 22 year old woman in 1992.  The police took Barnhouse to the scene and stood him next to three police cars. As officers shined flashlights in his face, the victim identified Barnhouse as her attacker.  Barnhouse went to trial in Delaware County Circuit Court in December 1992. A crime lab blood analyst from the Indiana State Police said he was able to “match” genetic markers in the biological evidence found on the woman’s jeans and in the rape kit, and that he could not eliminate Barnhouse as the source of the evidence.  A hair analyst from the Indiana State Police said that a hair found on the woman’s body was a “match” for Barnhouse—a statement that has since been scientifically proven to be an inaccurate overstatement.  The defense presented evidence that Barnhouse—who denied the crime—suffered from mental illness all his life.  In closing argument, the prosecution told the jury that the hair was a “silent witness” against Barnhouse. On December 15, 1992, the jury found Barnhouse guilty but mentally ill of rape and criminal deviant conduct. He was sentenced to 80 years in prison.   Maurice Possley explained the events as follows:  “In 2013, the FBI reported that testimony asserting that microscopic hair comparison could produce a “match” between two hairs was scientifically invalid. The FBI, the Department of Justice, the Innocence Project, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers began a review of FBI analysts’ testimony and reports. They determined that analysts had provided erroneous testimony or reports in more than 90 percent of the cases reviewed by 2017. The analyst who testified in Barnhouse’s case is not part of that review, which includes only FBI analysts. It does not include the many analysts, such as the analyst in Barnhouse’s case, who were trained by the FBI or who relied on the same techniques and testimony employed by the FBI.  In 2016, the Innocence Project and the Wrongful Conviction Clinic at Indiana University sought DNA testing of the sperm in the vaginal swabs in the rape kit and on the sperm found on the victim’s jeans. The Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office agreed to the testing.  The testing identified the same male DNA profile in the rape kit and on the jeans, and excluded Barnhouse as the source of the biological evidence. The prosecution joined with Barnhouse’s attorneys in requesting that his convictions be vacated. On March 8, 2017, Barnhouse was released from prison. The prosecution filed a motion to dismiss the charges on May 9, 2017 and the judge granted the motion on May 10, 2017.” This man’s case was the 350th.  Think about 350 people who were exonerated by DNA evidence, many after spending decades in prison for crimes they never committed.  There are many thousands of people in prison for crimes for which there will be no DNA exoneration.  These people will continue to suffer in prison.  Today about 1.6 million people are in prison in the United States.  In prison, they are subject to every crime that people are subject to on the outside, but at a dramtically increased rate because the people in prison include the worst of the worst.  How is it that the people of this state have put up with this?




A Corrupt Kleptocracy


There is a good reason why.  Government in Illinois has devolved into a corrupt kleptocracy, made up of two wings: the Democratic and Republican parties.  These two parties do battle in the state legislature, but not for the sake of the people.  They fight for the control of state money and for control of the state monopolies.  Career corrupt politicians like Michael Madigan, who has served as Speaker of the House since about 1983, do battle with other politicians for the spoils of office.  Most of the controversies and scandals that actually erupt in the news are the result of infighting between corrupt politicians rather than because honest men discovered wrongdoing.  For example, when Governor Rob Blagojevich was removed from office and sent to prison for (among other things) trying to sell President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat to the highest bidder, it was not because he had done this that he was removed from office.  Rather, it was because he fired Bronwyn Raines, the wife of Tim Raines (Speaker Michael Madigan’s chief of staff), from her $102,000 a year job at the Department of Children and Family Services.  She had been comfortably seated in that political job for over 24 years.  Apparently, no one ever noticed that she lacked a doctorate in the field required by the Social Security Administration (who funded her position).


Similarly, Republican governor George Ryan was charged and convicted of selling driver’s licenses to people who were not qualified to drive during his years as Secretary of State.  This did not involve only a small number of people, with over 70 people ended up convicted of corruption.  Just as in the case of Rod Blagojevich, Ryan was not charged until after he had offended other powerful and corrupt politicians in the state.  The conditions at the Secretary of State’s office were widely known for years prior to Ryan’s election as governor.  You can hardly sell hundreds of driver’s licenses without it becoming well known.  Ryan was elected governor twice before ever being called to account for his corruption in the Secretary of State’s office.


They have become so used to stealing that they have stopped even covering up the largest of their crimes.  In a special report authored in 2015, Crain’s Chicago Business wrote:


For more than a quarter-century, governors and state legislators, Republicans and Democrats alike, made a series of financially toxic moves in the pension systems for state employees and public-school teachers. Proposals to fix the perennially underfunded pensions were based on botched calculations—or no calculations at all—and were driven by misguided rationales that weren’t fully vetted. Everyone was to blame, yet few accepted responsibility.  (MCKINNEY, 2015)


Today the Illinois state government has a shortfall of pension funds of approximately 230 to 250 billion dollars, which is the result, to put it bluntly, of politicians stealing pension money for pet projects.  If any private company did what they did, they would face criminal charges. 

There are only two things worse about the pension crisis than the fact the state of Illinois stole 230 billion dollars from their employees.  Those two things are that (#1) they tried to do worse but were stopped by the courts and (#2) that the pension funds themselves are used to make enormous payoffs to highly paid and politically appointed public officials with dubious credentials and work histories at the expense of ordinary working people who work for the state.  In 2013 Democratic Governor Pat Quinn (still at large) signed a bill that would have “fixed” the pension deficit, then estimated at around 105 billion dollars by ripping off retired state workers, denying them the benefits they agreed to work for.  In 2015, the Illinois Supreme Court rightly found that ripping off retirees is not the proper way to “fix” a pension deficit, stopping the state from doing even worse.  However, the outcome of that has been that the state has continued to misappropriate funds, now calculated to amount to over twice that 2013 amount.  Secondly, the state has partly put the fund underwater  by paying political hacks ridiculous salaries and pensions under the plans, undermining the far more ordinary pensions that ordinary state workers are earning.  For example, in 2016 Taxpayers United of America pointed out the following regarding just one of the Illinois state pension funds (SERS):


“Every annual pension featured on our list of the top 200 SERS government retirees exceeds $118,000. These retired government employees are set to collect multi-million-dollar lifetime pension payouts that are largely taxpayer-funded. SERS, in line with Illinois’ irresponsible fiscal record, is critically underfunded at only 35.27%. SERS falls way short of even the commonly used standard to determine the overall health of a pension fund, a funding ratio of 80%. The optimal funding ratio is, of course, 100% or greater over a reasonable period of time, but SERS fails at meeting that reduced measurement by a large margin.”


Total number of 2016 SERS pension beneficiaries is approximately 66,465.


880 collect pensions in excess of $100,000.


13,960 collect pensions in excess of $50,000.


The average 2016 annual SERS pension is $35,568 (Many retirees also collect SS).


The average amount that employees paid into their own pension fund is $36,269, or 3% of their estimated lifetime pension payout.


The average estimated lifetime pension payout is $1,038,456 (SS not included).


The average age at retirement is 60.


The average years of employment are 24.


In fiscal year 2015, taxpayers were forced to pay $1,804,319,356 into the government pension fund.


In fiscal year 2015, SERS government employees paid $266,139,156 into their own pension fund.


The net return on investment for SERS in fiscal year 2015 was only 4.79%, or $681,377,052.


As of the end of fiscal year 2015, SERS had a 35.27% funded ratio with a $28 billion unfunded liability.


“Taxpayers are forced to pay 678% more than the multi-millionaire pensioners pay into their own SERS pension fund annually. This means for every dollar that an SERS government employee pays into their own retirement fund, taxpayers are forced to pay $6.78!”




Four Illinois governors have been convicted of such misconduct since 1968.  What’s remarkable about their being apprehended is not that Illinois has had four corrupt governors, but rather that the political stars have aligned themselves in such a way that four of our corrupt governors have managed to have been apprehended.  While Republicans and Democrats might battle it out at the polls, the real governors of the state of Illinois are the bar association, the Chicago elites, the insurance companies, and the state contractors who split up the tax money.


The Verdict:  A Failed Republic


The verdict is clear:  the State of Illinois is a failed republic.  The state has failed to provide basic services such as education, security, and courts.  Instead of a republic, the State of Illinois is a kleptocracy that serves only the Chicago elite and their bought off downstate allies of both parties.  Elections have been held in vain, the case for revolution is beginning to be made, but it is still missing one important element.


A Treasonous Government


The government of the State of Illinois is guilty of not only of betraying her republican roots, but also of actual treason against her people.  While the people of this state have been fleeing in record numbers, fleeing the abusive government of this state for friendlier places, the governor and legislature have devised a replacement for them:  illegal aliens fleeing the more abusive societies south of the Rio Grande.  Coming off better than the regimes of banana republics is small praise, but for millions suffering under such governments Illinois still seems a paradise.


On the 28th of August of 2017, “Republican” Governor Bruce Rauner showed up at a Mexican restaurant in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood.  With a Mexican Mariachi band performing in the background, Rauner officially welcomed Illinois new replacement population by signing the Illinois TRUST Act.  The act prohibits Illinois police from arresting illegal aliens or holding illegal or criminal illegal aliens on federal detention requests.  It also prohibits police from asking people about their immigration status.  By doing so, Rauner and the legislature have consciously and intentionally chosen a new population to replace the Illinoisans they are driving out. A Mexican population fleeing violence and chaos in the south is more agreeable to the somewhat lesser violence and chaos in Illinois, and with no tradition of self-government, these people won’t miss the constitutional protections that Rauner and Madigan are doing away with.  It is an act of treason against their own people to conspire to replace them with foreigners. 


Economic Warfare Against Communities


The Chicago elite have committed treason against the people by destroying the economies of rural communities to benefit their elite communities in Chicago and the suburbs.  They have done so through tax policy, which steals from these communities at confiscatory rates, while reinvesting only in those favored suburban communities.  Educational institutions do not educate rural youth in how to be successful in a rural setting.  As a result, many of the best and brightest of our rural human capital is not returned to the rural setting, but is educated only for an urban profession.  These policies impoverish all the communities in Illinois except those of the elite.  Policy favors the destruction of rural communities through school consolidation, and through tax, wage, and regulatory policy that favor only large businesses.  The very existence of our river communities is threatened by government buy outs of flood prone homes, encouraging the literal demolition of towns that have stood on the riverbanks for centuries.




The elites pursue a similar policy against the urban poor.


Terror Agencies


The Chicago elite have committed treason against the people by setting up abusive agencies in opposition to the rights of the people that are so extreme that they can only be described as terror agencies.  Probably the most abusive agency and the most hated is the Department of Children and Family Services.  The Constitution of the United States provides that a person cannot be deprived by a criminal court of his life, liberty, or property except by indictment of a grand jury and proof beyond a reasonable doubt found by a full trial with a jury of 12 men.  Somehow, the State of Illinois thinks that a person’s children are less dear to them than their life or property, and that a so called “social worker” can deprive a citizen of their offspring, with so little due process as to make a mockery of the term.  Ask any parent of their opinion of DCFS.  What you will hear is something like, “I know there are abusive people out there, but they seem to always harass the good people and do nothing about the bad ones.”  This complaint has been substantiated by investigation after investigation of the agency. 




As of 2017, DCFS has had nine directors in the past six years.  The administrator appointed in 2015 resigned in 2017 after a number of ethics complaints and the death of a child named Semaj Crosby.  Two-year-old Semaj Crosby’s dead body was found under a couch in a filthy house in Joliet hours after a DCFS investigator left the premises.  That was the fourth DCFS investigation in Semaj’s short life. 




George Sheldon, a Democratic political figure from Florida who was director of DCFS when Semaj died, was found to have arranged for a 262,000 Illinois contract with Chris Pantaleon, his Florida partner in real estate.  The $262,000 contract was for approximately three weeks of work.  A Sheldon appointee from Florida was found to have mishandled $9,000 in gift cards intended for distribution to wards of the state for Christmas by the Illinois Inspector General’s office.   Sheldon hired a Tallahassee 25-year-old, Igor Davidovich Anderson, as his personal driver and assistant.  Anderson was fired after DCFS learned he had no driver’s license due to DUI and reckless driving arrests in Florida.  Anderson also falsified time sheets and billed DCFS for driving Sheldon to his vacation in Michigan.  Sheldon gave a favorable reference for Anderson for a new job.




While financial scandals are hardly news in Illinois government, the fact that DCFS is both a corrupt agency that exists primarily as a conduit for taxpayer money into the pockets of the politically well-connected and is also entrusted with investigations into child welfare makes for some tragic stories.   Semaj Crosby was hardly the only child to die promptly after a DCFS investigation cleared her parents or reported no problems.  In 2016, Jazmine Walker died of starvation eight days after DCFS reported her, “free of any salient signs of abuse or neglect.”  Gizzelle Ford, an 8 year old from Chicago, was tortured to death three weeks after a DCFS investigator found nothing wrong with her home circumstances.  In 1993, a three year old child named Joseph Walker was hanged by his mentally ill mother after years of DCFS intervention.  His mother, Amanda Walker, later hung herself in prison.  Joseph was made something of a poster child for DCFS abuse and neglect, but unfortunately all the good intentions his story may have engendered did little good to reform the agency as the examples above demonstrate.  In 2012 his brother Joshua Travis was a student at Illinois State University.  His comment was, “I don’t want him to have died in vain.”   




How many people still remember the case of six-year-old Johnny Lindquist, who was beaten senseless by his father in 1972 and died a month later without regaining consciousness? Lindquist been returned to his parents’ home despite vehement objections from the foster parents he had lived with for three years.  In 1977, three year old Tina McCord was killed by a member of the foster family that DCFS placed her with.  (Adkins, 1978)  She would be 43 now.  She was in the press, then.  I wonder how many people remember her name, now?  Think of the lives of her own family, and how they must have grieved her and felt the injustice of her removal from their home by DCFS, only to be killed in the foster home..




Not only did all the children DCFS ever killed through negligence in their investigations die in vain, but all the children who were sexually or otherwise abused or killed by foster parents or siblings also suffered in vain.  And what about all the parents and children who did nothing wrong at all, but whose families were torn apart needlessly by social workers with an ax to grind against blacks, men, Christians, or spanking?




This alone would justify a bloody war of vengeance upon the corrupt and abusive leadership and employees of this agency.  The only reasonable reform of this agency and those like it is to abolish it, and to punish abusive parents with the criminal courts of the land as we do with all other crimes.  Our lives are punctuated with fright, courtesy of these “terror agencies” which we dread any contact with such as the tax authorities, child welfare investigators, animal welfare investigators, health inspectors, and a myriad of other government petty tyrants.  They don’t have the comic book swagger of Gestapo thugs.  They dress in business casual, and are polite, but if you doubt their absolute power and their consciousness of it, tell them, “No.”  Our ancestors would have risen in arms against them, and so should we.  It’s high time these bastards were greeted with the business end of a firearm instead of a look of fear.




Declaration of State of War


We declare that a State of War exists between the good people of the State of Illinois and the so-called State Government.  This state of war was not caused by the people, but by the acts of the so-called state government, which has committed the acts of war listed above against the people.  Only Revolution can remedy the ills of this state.






1.         To restore republican government, guaranteed by the 6th Amendment to the US Constitution to the State of Illinois.


2.        To bring the kleptocrats currently running state government to trial for their crimes, first and foremost, Governor Rauner and Speaker Madigan—the first crime to be prosecuted to be the theft of 230 billion dollars by misappropriation of state funds from the state employee pensions.


3.        To reform the Illinois legal code, restoring American civil liberties and self-government, and making it 35 pages in length or less.


4.        To reform the Illinois education system making it parent run, inexpensive, and to dedicate it to providing a basic education suitable for rural or urban life and the duties of citizenship.  It must include the basics of reading, writing, history, and mathematics and it must teach a pro-American view of history.


5.        To hold true free elections in March of 2018 for an Assembly to work on the new law code and state constitution.


6.        To break the power of the Chicago Machine, the teacher’s unions, the insurance companies, and the Bar Association.


7.        To free the people from the fear of terror agencies and prosecution for victimless “crimes.”


8.        To end the bloodshed in the City of Chicago.








In making defensive war upon the State of Illinois we reject the crude methods of terrorists, assassins, and the senseless murder of policemen.


We are just in our means, and just in our cause.  We will fight for our rights as our fathers did in the American Revolution.   


Appeal for Assistance


We reach out to the Trump Administration to hear our plea and join our revolution—intervening to guarantee us our 6th Amendment rights, and to all other public officials of good will to join with us in our struggle.  We fight because we do not know what else to do.  We call upon all freedom loving Americans to come to our state and fight by our side for our rights.




What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure.—–Thomas Jefferson Nov. 13. 1787




 This report and declaration is issued by the Illinois Revolutionary Commission Government and their fighting arm, the Patriot Freedom Fighters. 



[1] The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, (Article 4, Section 4)